confusion about eczema

Eczema? Dermatitis? Rash?

Eczema?  Dermatitis?  Rash?  Do these terms seem identical to you? It’s because they are.   And they indicate very little about the cause or proper treatment of your particular skin condition. Let’s look at the definitions of these common “diagnoses”. Eczema – From Ancient Greek “ἔκζεμα” (ekzema) 1.  An acute or chronic inflammation of the skin, characterized […]

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Back to School!

Back to school time goes along with special healthcare emphases on frequent student dermatologic problems. Most students fight acne; often without understanding the condition. Available acne care is better than ever. However, many acne patients are showing up with serious acne scars, have emotional consequences, are socially withdrawn, or are failing their courses because of […]

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Heat rash or miliaria?

Heat rash or miliaria is very common now. It presents as a widespread red bumpy, itchy or burning, rash, usually of the chest and back. It may develop small blisters or yellow heads on the bumps. Heat rash develops when we are suddenly exposed to a warm humid environment, especially if we are exercising vigorously. […]

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