Chigger Bites

If you are noticing red, itchy, hard bumps on your body, you may well be suffering from chigger bites. These annoying, friendly little red mites climb onto your body, settle for a place to dine, bite you, and then fall off leaving those itchy bumps. Some people react far more than others.

If you have been lying on the grass, they can be found all over your body. However, they usually are found from the waist down. They often appear on private areas or the groin. Their “bite bumps” last for weeks. You can prevent them by not walking in grass without shoes and also by spraying your legs and shoes with insect repellant before being on grass. When the bites occur, a strong cortisone cream with anti-itching additives can be prepared. If they persist, we inject them to clear them up!

Posted in Medical Dermatology, Rashes.