Cost-Effective Care

Cost-Effective, Independent Specialist Care

cost effective health careWe’re specialists.  Unlike other “providers”, we are fully trained and experienced in all types of skin issues – skin care is all we do.  In having a board-certified dermatologist, we can provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment in fewer visits, with fewer unnecessary tests, at lower overall cost than any other type of provider, in any other setting.

Independent dermatologists can treat skin conditions at lower overall cost than any other provider.

Low Independent Fees

Unlike big physician network clinics, we’re not owned by a big corporation that negotiates their professional fees up with insurers – the fees you may have to pay if you have a high deductible.   Compared to these big businesses, our fees are far lower for the same service.  Compare our fees for yourself!

No Extra Charges

Unlike emergency rooms, hospitals, and surgery centers, we don’t charge facility fees.  These fees can result in bills that are several times higher than ours.  We charge our professional fees – that’s it.   No surprises!

Physician-Level Quality

cost-effective dermatologistsUnlike other offices, at Rustad Dermatology you won’t see a “PA”,  “provider”, “practitioner”, “professional” or any other substitute for the “physician” – in our practice, you’ll see a medical doctor – an MD – board-certified in dermatology, at every regular office visit.  When you book a doctor visit, you get a doctor visit.  Fees in other medical practices are usually the same regardless of what type of “provider” renders the service.  In our practice, you’ll always be getting skin specialist quality.  We believe that’s honest value.

When you book a doctor visit, you get a doctor visit.

Will my visit be covered by my insurance?

Your health insurance policy is a contract between you and your health insurance company, and you need to know what your policy covers.  We assist our patients in obtaining insurance coverage for our services by filing your insurance claims electronically for you, however, we cannot guarantee you that your insurance company will cover all of our services, some of which are cosmetic (non-covered).

Your health insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company.

Some patients also have a high deductible, which must be met by the patient each year before their insurance begins to provide payment.  Your deductible often determines the difference between what is “covered” and what is paid for by your insurance plan.  Please contact your insurance company directly before your visit if you have any questions about what services and treatments are covered under your policy.

What do I need to pay at my visit?

To comply with the obligations of our contracts with insurance companies, we are required to collect the following types of payments from you at the time of service:

  • Copayments
  • Deductibles
  • Full payment for cosmetic services
  • Full payment for non-insured patients
  • Full payment for out-of-network patients

What if I don’t have insurance?

Uninsured patients are charged our regular fees, which we set at or near what insurance companies pay for our services.   That means if you don’t have insurance, you pay fees similar to insured patients.  However, we do ask that non-insured patients pay in-full at the time of service.

Do you have payment plans?

Care CreditWe participate with Care Credit, which allows qualified patients to take up to six months to pay, interest free.  For more information, contact Care Credit at (800) 677-0718.

To schedule a consultation with our board-certified dermatologist, call us at 402.484.6222.