Heat rash or miliaria?

Heat rash or miliaria is very common now. It presents as a widespread red bumpy, itchy or burning, rash, usually of the chest and back. It may develop small blisters or yellow heads on the bumps.
Heat rash develops when we are suddenly exposed to a warm humid environment, especially if we are exercising vigorously. It is most common when the weather has been cool and suddenly becomes warm and humid. People who are prone to developing it need to condition themselves by limiting their time and activities outdoors, allowing their skin to gradually acclimate.
If miliaria develops, use a strong cortisone lotion, never ointment, which also contains an antibiotic and an anti-itching ingredient. Cool packs may help. Wearing light cotton clothing is important. It may be necessary to gently open the sweat ducts so drainage can occur, much as one opens oil ducts in the case of acne. Otherwise it may go on for months.

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