Medical Dermatology

Modern, Personalized Acne Treatment

acne treatmentDoes it seem like you’ve “tried everything” for your acne?  Many teenagers and young adults consult us after over-the-counter or non-dermatologist treatment has failed.  Our scientific, multi-faceted, personalized approach to acne emphasizes treating the causes and early stages of acne, rather than relying on single oral antibiotics to treat acne once it has become infected.  As with many problems we see, we strive for a preventive approach to acne.  Many teenagers and young adults who have acne that has been difficult or hard to control with mail order or non-specialist acne treatment see fast, lasting results.  Read more

Complete Hair Loss Evaluation and Treatment

hair lossHair loss is an emotional issue.  Because it is so common, many patients falsely believe they just have to accept it.  However, many types of hair loss are treatable if an accurate diagnosis is found.   We leave no stone unturned when it comes to evaluating hair loss.  Our training and experience in both dermatology and internal medicine allows us to ask the right questions, and order a complete workup if needed.  Before you accept your hair loss, you owe it to yourself to have a real evaluation.  Even if your hair loss is difficult to treat, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done everything possible.  Read more

Gentle, Expert Children’s Skin Care

pediatric dermatologyPediatric dermatologists know that a child’s skin is significantly different from that of adults, and their lifestyles and habits are very different as well.  As a result, the skin conditions commonly seen in pediatric dermatology are different from those commonly seen in adults.  Children are especially susceptible to infections.  Most infections seen in pediatric dermatology are easily treatable, with proper techniques.  A child’s delicate skin is also more susceptible to the outside world.  Childhood rashes such as “eczema” and diaper rash are largely treatable and even preventable, with the right kind of instruction.  If your child has a skin condition, let us show you how our years of training and experience in pediatric dermatology can make the difference. Read more

The Psoriasis Center at Rustad Dermatology

psoriasis treatmentPsoriasis is a chronic but very manageable skin condition, with proper treatment.  However, many patients have given up and learned to live with their psoriasis, because their treatment options have been limited to topical steroids, which may have stopped working.  Other “psoriasis” patients actually have potentially curable skin conditions.  We have designated a part of our practice exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis.  The Psoriasis Center is unique in Nebraska, Here, we provide the most accurate type of diagnosis and offer all modern psoriasis treatment options, including customized compounds, light treatments and modern biologic therapy. Read more

Expert Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Skin Rashes

rashesRashes are a symptom of the modern age.  Our skin is exposed to myriad external substances, both natural and synthetic, which can cause rashes.  And the skin is a window on the internal workings of the body, producing rashes in a variety of illnesses.  An accurate diagnosis is essential, but many patients are told they have “eczema”, which is not a single diagnosis, but rather a broad group of skin diseases.  Skin biopsies of rashes often also fail to narrow down the possibilities.  Our extensive clinical experience with rashes, and unique and comprehensive array of skin allergy testing can often find a cause, and a solution, for patients who thought they had to live with their “eczema”.  It’s one way we practice preventive medicine. Read more

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