Hair Loss

Complete Hair Loss Evaluation and Treatment

hair lossHair loss is an emotional issue.  Because it is so common, many patients falsely believe they just have to accept it.  However, many types of hair loss are treatable if an accurate diagnosis is found.   We leave no stone unturned when it comes to evaluating hair loss.  Our unique training and experience in both dermatology and internal medicine allows us to ask the right questions, and order a complete workup if needed.  Before you accept your hair loss, you owe it to yourself to have a real evaluation.  Even if your hair loss is difficult to treat, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done everything possible.

Our unique training in both Dermatology and Internal Medicine allows us to provide a complete workup of hair loss.

The internet and media abound with treatments for hair loss.  Patients spend hundreds of dollars on shampoos and lotions, special diets, pills and supplements.  Many of these have no basis in medical science, but rely only on the sometimes biased testimony of a few users to sell their products.  Tragically, patients lose both time and money as their hair loss continues.  Medically proven treatment is available.  Proper treatment begins with a proper diagnosis.

Types of Hair Loss

cycle of hair loss and regrowthTreatment of hair loss begins with an accurate diagnosis.  The term “alopecia” is a general term for all kinds of hair loss, not a specific diagnosis.  There are many types of alopecia: temporary and permanent, spotty and diffuse, contagious and non-contagious, inherited and acquired, primary to the skin and secondary to internal issues, treatable and non-treatable.

Some of the more common causes of hair loss lie in the skin itself, and can be diagnosed on sight by a board-certified dermatologist, including:

Other cause are complex, stemming from disorders elsewhere in the body.  These can be evaluated with an appropriately complete medical workup.

Medical Evaluation of Hair Loss

medical workup of hair lossAt Rustad Dermatology, our extra training in both dermatology and internal medicine allows us to give you a complete medical evaluation which may show a treatable internal cause of your hair loss.  Proper workup involves knowledge of the body as a whole, and the many internal problems that may lead to hair loss.  In fact, hair loss can often be the first sign of an internal medical problem – such as unbalanced hormones or the immune system.  It may also be a side effects of contraceptives, medications and vitamins.

Complete evaluation involves more than checking a thyroid test.  This is one example of where our unique training in both dermatology and internal medicine comes into play.   Our evaluation of hair loss begins with a specific discussion with you of symptoms that may indicate an internal problem.  We then can order a complete and focused laboratory evaluation to rule out these problems.  If one is found, we work with other specialists such endocrinologists, hematologists, and rheumatologists to obtain proper treatment for you.

Treatment of Hair Loss

Treatment of hair loss may be as simple as getting a few injections into the scalp, or a short course of anti-fungal medications.  In other cases, a long-term approach to combatting inherited balding is necessary.  In any case, we can steer you away from treatments that have no proven medical benefit to those that do.  Of course, proper treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis.

Don’t just accept your hair loss.  It may be treatable. Let us use our training in both dermatology and internal medicine to provide you a complete workup and up-to-date treatment.  To schedule a consultation with our board-certified dermatologist, call us at 402.484.6222.