Surgical Dermatology

Specialized Mole Examination and Removal

mole removalWe are your “go-to” specialists when it comes to examining and removing moles to prevent potential melanomas.  Our board-certified dermatologists are clinically proven to have the highest sensitivity of all providers in diagnosing precancerous and cancerous moles. We use specialized examination techniques such as epiluminescence microscopy to improve that accuracy and avoid unnecessary biopsies.  Our skin surgery techniques for removing moles achieve optimal cosmetic outcome.  And we utilize expert independent dermatopathologists to examine all of our skin biopsies.  Read more

Expert, Independent Skin Biopsies

board-certified dermatopathologistAt Rustad Dermatology, we believe in the values of both specialized education, and independent consultation.  We believe that skin biopsy is an opportunity for us to consult with experts outside of our office to provide a second opinion in each case.   That’s why we use an independent world-class dermatopathology laboratory for every skin biopsy.  Independent because we believe in the integrity of obtaining an unbiased, outside opinion on our skin biopsies.  Dermatopathologists because we believe in the quality that comes from specialization.  Dermatopathologists are our specialist’s specialists..  Read more

Precision Skin Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction

skin cancer treatmentIf you are one of the increasing number of Americans with skin cancer, you can trust your skin to our specialists in dermatologic surgery.  Skin cancer treatment at Rustad Dermatology begins with an accurate, independent skin biopsy diagnosis, provided by one of our world-class board-certified dermatopathologists.  Once a diagnosis of skin cancer is made, we use a scientific approach to remove your skin cancer utilizing a variety of techniques, including microscopically controlled frozen section surgery.  And for the all-important final result, we have extensive experience in the artistry of a variety of reconstructive skin surgery techniques, with an emphasis on optimal cosmetic appearance.  Read more

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