Mole Removal

Specialized Mole Examination and Removal

mole removalWe are your “go-to” specialists when it comes to examining and removing moles to prevent potential melanomas.  Our board-certified dermatologists are clinically proven to have the highest sensitivity of all providers in diagnosing precancerous and cancerous moles. We use specialized examination techniques such as epiluminescence microscopy to improve that accuracy and avoid unnecessary biopsies.  Our techniques for removing moles achieve optimal cosmetic outcome.  And we utilize expert independent dermatopathologists to examine all of our skin biopsies.

Specialized Hand-Held Microscopic Examination

Dermatoscopy is the latest technique giving dermatologists a non-invasive way of examining moles.

When we examine your moles, when often use a specialized technique called epiluminescence microscopy, also known as dermatoscopy, the latest examination technique developed by dermatologists.   Dermatoscopy is a new method for evaluating irregular and potentially precancerous moles without performing a biopsy, using a painless, hand-held microscope.  This technique assists in decision-making about mole removal.  Dermatologists who are educated in the principles of dermatoscopy look for changes in the appearance of an precancerous or irregular mole which cannot be detected with the naked eye.

Full-Body Examinations

full body examinationWe specialize in performing thorough full body examinations, from head to toe, if you request one.  We can also teach you how to do a full body exam on yourself between dermatology appointments.  Regular melanoma screening by a dermatologist is especially important for patients with numerous or irregular moles, or a personal or family history of precancerous moles or melanoma.

We can perform a thorough full body examination, if you request one.

The ABC’s of Melanoma

As a part of your mole examination, we can educate you about how to spot a melanoma early, and how to perform a full body examination on yourself between dermatology appointments.  To help you remember what to look for in any brown spot on your skin, know the ABC’s of melanoma.  These can help you decide whether to have your mole examined by a dermatologist.

A – Asymmetry – darker on one side than the other
B – Border Irregularity – uneven edges, not round or oval
C – Color Extremes – black, dark brown or white areas
D – Diameter – larger than 6 millimeters (pencil eraser size)
E – Evolving – changing faster than other moles

Melanomas are usually identified based the way they look, rather than any other symptom.

One Millimeter Makes the Difference

stages of melanomaEarly detection is key.  The stage of a melanoma depends largely on it’s depth.  Once a melanoma has grown to more that one millimeter in thickness (that’s millimeter, not centimeter), it carries a higher risk.  At that depth, melanomas are at a depth where they can invade superficial blood vessels and lymph vessels and spread throughout the body.   Early mole removal of selected skin lesions is the key to preventing such spread.

Board certified dermatologists are clinically proven to achieve the highest sensitivity rates in identifying melanomas and precancerous moles on examination.  No other type of provider can offer a higher degree of certainty in evaluating your moles.  Trust your skin to the specialists.

Dermatologists have the highest sensitivity in identifying melanomas and precancerous moles.

Optimal Cosmetic Mole Removal

When it comes to performing mole removal with optimal cosmetic results, a dermatologist’s specialization is another advantage for you.  We are trained and experienced in techniques that are as painless, cost-effective, and cosmetically elegant as possible.  We can even prescribe special bandages that reduce the time of wound healing.  Any provider can remove a mole.  We are trained and experienced in doing it with optimal cosmetic results.

Independent Expert Analysis

mole biopsyIf your mole requires removal, we can often perform the biopsy on the same day.   And we want you to know that all of our biopsy specimens are examined under the microscope by independent dermatopathologists.  Independent because we believe in the integrity of obtaining an unbiased, outside opinion on our skin biopsies.  Dermatopathologists because we believe in the quality that comes from specialization.

We utilize independent dermatopathologists – specialist’s specialists – to examine all our skin biopsies under the microscope.

Dermatopathologists are doctors who specialize in examining skin specimens – nothing else – under the microscope.  Our dermatopathologists are among the best in the country.  Some sit on the American Board of Dermatology, which certifies dermatologists, which means that some of the signatures on our pathology reports are the same as those on our diplomas.  You can rely on us for an accurate diagnosis.

If you have any questions about your moles, please don’t “wait and see what happens” – please let us help you!   Early diagnosis and removal of suspicious moles before they become melanomas makes all the difference.   To schedule a consultation with our board-certified dermatologist, call us at 402.484.6222.