Skin Biopsy

Expert, Independent Skin Biopsies


board-certified dermatopathologistAt Rustad Dermatology, we believe in the values of both specialized education, and independent consultation.  We believe that skin biopsy is an opportunity for us to consult with experts outside of our office to provide a second opinion in each case.   That’s why we use an independent world-class dermatopathology laboratory for every skin biopsy.  Independent because we believe in the integrity of obtaining an unbiased, outside opinion on our skin biopsies.  Dermatopathologists because we believe in the quality that comes from specialization.  Dermatopathologists are our specialist’s specialists.

Our skin biopsies are sent overnight to Miraca Life Sciences, a nation-wide leader in pathology services.  There, our specimens are systematically logged, expertly processed, and read by board-certified dermatopathologists.  If more stains or tests are needed to make an accurate diagnosis, our experts have all the most advanced tools the world has to offer.

Dermatopathologists are physicians who have undergone both formal dermatology and pathology training, and special board-certificaton.  They are specialists’ specialists.

Some of our dermatopathologists sit on the American Board of Dermatology – the doctors who sign our own board-certification diplomas – so we have the utmost confidence in their interpretations.

Another Way of Looking at the Skin

shutterstock_70064773It is a common misperception that examination of a skin biopsy under the microscope somehow reveals “the truth” about a given skin condition.  But as one of our dermatology professors once said, “a biopsy is just another way of looking at the skin”.  We value the impressions of our expert dermatopathologists as an adjunct to our own clinical impressions, and we value the caliber of their expertise.  We often “put two heads together” by phone in particularly challenging cases, and they sometimes consult with each other as well.  All of this expertise is essential to providing the highest degree of accuracy in diagnosing your skin condition.

Ultimate Accuracy

team of dermatopathologistsIn particularly challenging cases, such as the distinction of skin cancers from similarly-appearing skin lesions, special testing is necessary.   This special testing is needed to differentiate between malignant and benign growths, for example, which look identical using normal staining techniques.   This is particularly important in diagnosing melanomas which may initially resemble other types of tumors.  Our dermatopathologists have the immunologic special stains and other tools necessary to correctly identify these skin biopsy “look alikes”.  No measure is spared.

Expert, independent dermatopathology is another facet of the uncompromising quality we offer at Rustad Dermatology.

Fast Electronic Reporting

Once the pathology report of each skin biopsy is ready, it is sent to us securely and instantaneously.   Our dermatopathologists have a secure bridge to our electronic medical record, which they use to send us your biopsy results electronically, complete with a microscopic photograph of the skin.  We use this image to discuss the skin biopsy report in the office with our patients, and we make it accessible to patients online through our patient portal.

Compare our independent dermatopathology services for yourself.   We’re certain you won’t find a higher commitment to quality anywhere else in our area.  To schedule a consultation with our board-certified dermatologist, call us at 402.484.6222.