Skin Cancer

Precision Skin Cancer Removal and Reconstruction

skin cancer treatmentIf you are one of the increasing number of Americans with skin cancer, you can trust your skin to our specialists in dermatologic surgery.  Skin cancer treatment at Rustad Dermatology begins with an accurate, independent skin biopsy diagnosis, provided by one of our world-class board-certified dermatopathologists.  Once a diagnosis of skin cancer is made, we use a scientific approach to remove your skin cancer utilizing a variety of techniques, including microscopically controlled frozen section surgery.  And for the all-important final result, we have extensive experience in the artistry of a variety of reconstructive surgery techniques, with an emphasis on optimal cosmetic appearance.

shutterstock_70064773Microscopically Controlled Removal

Microscopiclly controlled removal is the science of skin cancer surgery.

You can rely on our extensive training and experience with thousands of skin cancer patients to completely and scientifically remove your skin cancer.  For basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and many other non-melanoma types of skin cancer, we use a variety of skin cancer surgery techniques, depending on skin cancer type, location, and patient preferences.  This includes microscopically-controlled, frozen section removal.  Once removed, a skin cancer specimen is carefully marked and mapped for orientation.  The skin cancer specimen is rapidly frozen and cut into thin sections, which are stained and mounted on slides.  The specimen is then examined under the microscope, noting any remaining cancer, particularly at the edges of the specimen.  Any edges that still contain cancer are then carefully re-excised to reduce the amount of tissue taken.  Once all edges are clear of cancer, the defect is ready to be closed.  This process may take several stages to ensure complete removal, and each stage requires about an hour to complete.  We do not bill for each stage, but for the final excision only.  Our commitment is to remove your cancer completely, with an extremely high cure rate.

Experienced Cosmetically Optimal Reconstruction

expert skin cancer surgeryOnce a skin cancer is completely and scientifically removed, the real artistry of skin cancer surgery begins.  We have extensive training and decades of experience with thousands of patients in this area.  We take particular pride in the cosmetic results we can achieve from our innovative reconstructive surgical techniques.

We are experienced in a variety of cosmetic surgical techniques, from simple primary wound closures for smaller defects, to complex flaps and skin grafts for larger ones.  We carefully choose the right closure for you based on the size and location of the defect, and the strength and tension of the surrounding skin.

reconstructive surgery techniques

Optimal cosmetic reconstruction is the art of skin cancer surgery.

Partial and full-thickness skin grafts involve the complete detachment of donor skin from a separate, cosmetically suitable area of skin with reattachment over the skin cancer defect.  Skin flaps involve partial detachment of adjacent skin which is relocated over the defect.  We use a variety of skin flaps, such as advancement flaps, rotational flaps, transpositional flaps, and island pedicle flaps, to name a few, which are carefully chosen for each patient.

For your convenience, reconstructive surgery is usually possible on the same day as removal, in one of our in-office surgical suites.

shutterstock_63072577Cost-Effective Care When It Matters Most

Skin cancer removal and reconstruction can be costly.   As fully trained skin surgeons, dermatologists remove more skin cancers than any other type of provider, and use techniques that reduce costs.

We provide expert, office-based skin cancer surgery at a fraction of the cost of other facilities.

Cancer surgery in a hospital or surgery center can run into thousands of dollars in facility and other fees.   The cost of an operating room, anesthesiologist, surgical staff, and hospital supplies can add up to many times the professional fees charged by the surgeon.

At Rustad Dermatology, we are fully trained and equipped to provide the highest level of care for most skin cancers in our office-based surgical facilities, avoiding these extra fees.  We don’t charge facility fees or extra staff fees.  We use safe, local anesthesia for most procedures, avoiding both the cost and risk of general anesthesia.

We are Nebraska’s leading skin cancer experts, providing the most accurate diagnosis, complete removal, and expert cosmetic reconstructive surgery.  To schedule a consultation with our board-certified dermatologic surgeon, call us at 402.484.6222.