finally fixed

I have had a spot on my temple for 5 years. I asked every doctor I saw if it was a problem. They all said no it wasn’t a problem. At first it would be dormant, then active, then cycle through that again and again. 2 years ago I saw a derm dr and asked him it was a problem. He said that if it were cancer it would grow and it wasn’t growing, so it wasn’t cancer. It got worse, with stinging and bleeding, so I made an appointment with Dr. Rustad-he had treated my son when he was a baby. He looked at it and immediately said that may be cancer. Dr. Rustad did a biopsy and sure enough it was cancer-basal carcinoma-a slow growing cancer, but cancer none the less. He did Mohs on it to be sure he got all of it. Wish I had come to him years ago and the incision would have been smaller and I wouldn’t have gone through all those years wondering.

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