I had been dealing with

I had been dealing with acne since I was in the 7th grade (I’m currently in my 20’s) and had tried everything under the sun to get rid of the problem. I had been to several other dermatologists who had prescribed different topical and oral medications, but none of them got rid of my acne. After no success with prescriptions, I tried Proactive, Lovely Skin products, and other various creams and washes. I went to one more dermatologist who recommended Accutane, which is a drug that treats acne internally. I did not feel comfortable using that and stopped seeing that doctor. I continued to read on the subject, and finally came to the conclusion that my acne was probably from a hormonal imbalance and would have to be fixed with some type of hormonal treatment. My mom suggested I go to one more doctor, and I reluctantly went to see Doctor Rustad. Immediately upon seeing me he made it clear that he intended to fix the problem without wasting any time. He was very blunt about things, and answered any questions I had. He also informed me that Accutane was a horrible way to treat acne, and that his treatment had nothing to do with hormones. I was skeptical about some of his methods, but decided to go ahead and follow his instructions. I began using an oral medication and a couple other prescriptions. I had never tried any of the prescriptions before, but was able to call the office and get any help I needed about how to use them and what to expect once I started using them. Initially I became worried about the drying effect the medication was having on my skin, but Dr. Rustad informed me that was normal and essential to clearing away the infection from the acne. I also did not fully understand how sensitive my skin was to sun while taking the antibiotics, and as a result got an extremely irritating sunburn on my face and neck. The nurse helped me find a sunscreen that took care of any future problems. In addition to the at-home treatment, I also went into the office weekly for extractions, where he removed the acne using a column extractor (a small hand tool). While this treatment was briefly uncomfortable, I could see positive results only a few days after the extractions. Eventually my appointments decreased to monthly ones, and in less than a year my skin was clear. I was so impressed with the results that I was surprised that I had not heard of Dr. Rustad earlier. He was different from every other dermatologist I had been to. Also, unlike some of the medicines I had tried previously, His medications were never painful to apply. He and his staff were always inviting and helpful. I no longer have to wear makeup and don’t have to waste time on a long morning regimen of creams and medicines. Going to Rustad dermatology was one of the best decisions I have made.

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