My Life with Psoriasis

July 17, 2019
Dr. Rustad:
I just want to share my experience with you of living with “psoriasis’ since childhood to a present 80 year old man. This has been a lifetime of different Doctors, medications, treatments. All with little help, and a constant fight, and disappointment.
I had a serious breakout of psoriasis on my legs being knee down to and including my feet for the past year. I have seen other dermatologist with very minimal success. It just kept getting worse while I applied prescription ointments and creams. We tried different light treatments and laser treatments with disappointing results. I was considering trying one of the newer oral medications for relief. The issue with the oral medications was the cost even after insurance participation.
Recently I had an appointment with my dentist and he saw my legs, as I was wearing shorts and commented that he had a lady in not long ago and her legs that looked a lot like mine. He shared that she had gone to Dr. Elliot Rustad and got amazing relief. I called his office and got an appointment. My first visit was on Wednesday, July 3. He prescribed some home care using a bath oil, and an ointment medication. Within 2 days of treatment my legs showed noticeable healing. Today, 2 weeks later I am clear. It’s the most effective treatment I’ve ever had and I would recommend to any psoriasis sufferers to make an appointment and share in this relief.

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