No More Flaking

I have battled the embarrassment of psoriasis for over 20 years. Constant flare ups that left a trail of flakes wherever I went. They would get so bad and painful that I just didn’t want to even hang out with family because I couldn’t enjoy myself. I was so miserable and uncomfortable. Recently the flare ups were so bad that they covered almost 80% of my body. I finally decided I couldn’t manage it on my own but didn’t want the injections that my son is on. So I sought out treatment with Rustad Dermatology. WOW!!!!! I just can’t believe that without oral medication or injections that my psoriasis is almost completely gone. No more flakes, no more pain. I can wear shorts again without being embarrassed with all the staring. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long. I am so happy with my treatment that I have now talked my son into seeking the same treatment so he can forego his monthly injections. I would recommend Rustad Dermatology if you would like total relief without all of the meds!! I really want to thank all the staff that have been treating me. You all have been wonderful!!
John Adams

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