Psoriasis Treatment

After suffering for over THIRTY YEARS with moderate Psoriasis, and trying several medications that never seemed to work,I made the decision to visit Dr. Rustad. He informed me “We are going to get rid of your Psoriasis”.Initially I thought that would take a miracle. Well did he ever prove me wrong! After a week of using the topical ointment he came up with after his many years of practice,my psoriasis had COMPLETELY cleared! After thirty years of dealing with Psoriasis, it was gone! Dr. Rustad is the Only Dr. prescribing this harmless medication anywhere, as I said ,he came up with it himself.So if you are one of those with a similar problem such as myself, do yourself a favor and go see him. You will not be sorry! Unlike all the pills you see on TV that claim to clear up the condition,that have horrible side effects or even result in death,This treatment is completely harmless, very inexpensive,AND IT WORKS! Thank you Dr. Rustad! You gave me my life back!

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