We feel like family every time we go

My teenage son was suffering from severe acne to the point it was affecting his day to day routine and sadly he was being bulled at school. I found Dr Rustad online and from the reviews he was highly recommended. I called and was able to schedule appointment the same week. We have been seeing Dr Rustad for the last 5 months. We feel like family every time we go. Office staff is always very friendly, fast check-in and check-out. Nursing staff is outstanding always friendly and very educated. Dr Rustad is a kind hearted man who is very dedicate to his work and his clients. Dr Rustad is very informative he explains everything and the type of treatment he will be performing. Over the last 5 months my son’s skin is a million times better, we still have a ways to go due to the type of acne he has but to see my son smile and see his self-confidence bloom is the most rewarding thing a mother could ask for. Side Note: no more bullying at school he now received compliments

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