Why Dr. Elliott Rustad is my Dermatologist of choice.

I was discharged yesterday(Aug. 7) from Dr. Rustad’s care for removal of basal cell cancer on my nose. Several tissue layers were removed, each layer tested in the nearby laboratory, until the final tissue layer showed no further cancer cells. My husband and I were given a gift certificate to a nearby Village Inn to have brunch as we waited for the test results. I was grateful we didn’t have to return to our home in Hastings following each layer. We live 100 miles from Lincoln. One of my P.E.O. Sisters went to her Dermatologist with a similar diagnosis. She had to leave the office and return to her home following each layer of tissue removal. Her tissue specimens were sent away and she had to return 3 different times until the specimen results were clear. I feel fortunate that I chose Dr. Rustad for my Dermatology needs.

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