Why I like Dr. Rustad’s practice

Two things I like about Dr. Rustad and his practice.
1) Professionalism.
Dr. Rustad is a great dermatologist and is no B.S. You’ll get great healthcare with him, and he won’t try to sell any beauty ‘upgrades’. His attitude is “Let’s get this done now, and at the best cost.” People like and trust Dr. Rustad.
2) Accessibility.
Even though his practice is busy, it’s not so busy you will not be seen quickly. Previously, in PA, I had to wait months for an appointment with a dermatologist, and, if I missed it, had to wait months again to get a new appointment. With Dr. Rustad, I’ve made appointments w/in days, and I bet I could get in w/in hours. He will stay late to complete important patient visits, and not push people off a couple of days or weeks. He will get your treatment done ‘now’.

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