Our Physician

We are true skin specialists. Our dermatologist has had three years of training in skin, board-certification and re-certification by the American Board of Dermatology, and decades of experience treating skin conditions like yours. Trust your skin to the specialists.

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Our Affiliations

We bring the world of dermatology to you. Through our affiliations with specialty societies which sponsor meetings and publications, our dermatologist keeps current with advances in dermatology, and bring you the latest in our field. You deserve world-class care.

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Our Scope of Practice

From urgent care to preventive care, we are your “go-to” medical clinic for skin issues. Whether you have a cut that needs stitching, or a rash that won’t go away, our dermatologist provides quality care, and same-day and evening appointments. You get the right care, right now.

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Back to School!

Back to school time goes along with special healthcare emphases on frequent student dermatologic problems. Most students fight acne; often without understanding the condition. Available acne care is better than ever. However, many acne patients are showing up with serious acne scars, have emotional consequences, are socially withdrawn, or are failing their courses because of […]

Heat rash or miliaria?

Heat rash or miliaria is very common now. It presents as a widespread red bumpy, itchy or burning, rash, usually of the chest and back. It may develop small blisters or yellow heads on the bumps. Heat rash develops when we are suddenly exposed to a warm humid environment, especially if we are exercising vigorously. […]

Chigger Bites

If you are noticing red, itchy, hard bumps on your body, you may well be suffering from chigger bites. These annoying, friendly little red mites climb onto your body, settle for a place to dine, bite you, and then fall off leaving those itchy bumps. Some people react far more than others. If you have […]

Summer is Here!

Now that summer is in full swing, there are several problems you may want to tend to. Increased temperatures and humidity may encourage fungus infections which can appear as red, scaly, itchy rashes, often with a ringed or circular pattern. White spots on your back, chest and upper arms may mean you have the fungus, […]

Fight Against Skin Cancer

Unusual progress has been made in dermatology in the fight against skin cancer. The standard extant when I came to Nebraska was one of repeated attempts being made via surgery and radiation to cure skin cancer without histopathologic excisional guidance (modified Mohs). Cure rates were dismal. Since then, skin cancer has become 100% curable, except […]

The Doctor Will See You Now

board certified in dermatology

Your appointment with our skin specialist will be exactly that – care by a dermatologist with three years of formal training in skin and board-certified in dermatology.   We don’t delegate your care to physician assistants or any other type of “provider”.  Education and experience matter.

Cost-Effective Care

cost effective health care

We have an independent physician, so our fees are far lower than big physician network clinics. And with a specialist, we can accurately diagnose and treat your skin condition fast and without unnecessary tests. The bottom line: our dermatologist can care for your skin at lower cost than any other type of “provider”.


in-network with blue cross blue shield

Our dermatologist is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coventry, Medicare, United Healthcare, and most major insurers in our area.   Our expert billing staff will submit your claim to your insurance company and resolve any issues quickly and accurately. We’ve got you covered.

Electronic Records

electronic medical records

Our advanced, dermatology-specific electronic records give you instant access to your treatment plans, prescriptions sent ahead of you to your pharmacy, and rapid referral response information for your other doctors. Our dermatologist was the first in our area to use such records - a leader in medical technology.

Top in Medicare Quality

Medicare quality

We are the only dermatology practice in Nebraska to have passed all Medicare quality measures, including Electronic Health Records and Physician Quality Reporting, for the past three years.  Medicare certification is part of our commitment to the highest standards.  Quality comes first.

Appointments Now

same-day appointments

Why wait?  We reserve a number of same-day and next-day appointments for urgent skin issues. So you don’t have to wait to be seen without an appointment, or see a non-specialist for your skin problem. And we are open over the noon hour and weekday evenings. We provide what you need, when you need it.



"Dr. Rustad has been very helpful and is willing to listen to your concerns. I have tried various acne treatments since I was in middle school but none seemed to work after a while. After seeing multiple doctors, I finally found one who has given me a treatment that has worked for more than a few months."   - R.M.


"I'd highly recommend Rustad Dermatology with Dr. Rustad! Dr. Rustad does a thorough background evaluation to understand the cause of each diagnosis--he doesn't simply treat the problem, but gets at the underlying causes. I have seen Dr. Rustad several times, and it has always been a positive experience!"  - J.G


“Dr. Rustad performed two surgeries to remove my father’s skin cancer on his face. He did the removal of cancer cells in several steps to make sure all were cleaned. The recovery after the surgery was very fast. Dr Rustad answered all our questions clearly. We were very satisfied by his care.” – D.B.


“Dr. Rustad was great with my 8-year olds skin irritation. He encouraged finding the root cause naturally rather than trying to fix it with a medication and sending me on my way. I appreciated that very much! He is very knowledgeable and good with kids too!” – K.N.


"Dr. Rustad was concerned with finding the most cost effective solution for me was very knowledgeable and educated me about my conditions. Very friendly man!"  - H.N.


"Dr. Rustad was great at answering all questions about my daughter's acne. He started her on a treatment was was not just a constant flow of antibiotics! He is very knowledgeable and interested in his field . . . So glad we found him!"  - J.K.

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